Classic Course

We can tailor a training package to suit both your salon requirements and budget.

Primelash® Private Classic Training 

  • 1 day Hand-on Training Class, theory and practical_ $950

Volume Course

Primelash® Private Russian Volume (2D-6D) Training 

  • 1 day Hand-on Training Class, theory and practical_ $1150
  • 2 days _ $1450

*** All students need at least 6 months of lash experience before register for this course ***

Eyebrow Extension Course

Primelash® Private Eyebrow Extension Training 

  • Hand-on Training Class, theory and practical. $895

Bottom Lash Course

Primelash® Private Bottom Lash Training 

  • Hand-on Training Class, theory and practical. $475

All training classes are included training kit to work on about 35 clients ( approx. $300)

On completion of training and successful assessment your Primelash Certificate will be issued. Students are required to have good eyesight and hand eye coordination and bring visual aids as poor eyesight will hamper the practical training.

Eyelash Stylist Training Programs in Dallas, TX

REGISTER NOW @ (972) 365-7437 OR ONLINE

Client of our eyelash stylist training program in Dallas, TX

As such we provide follow up advice and further training if required in perfecting your technique or in business practices:

• How to set up an eyelash extension business

• What does a successful business require?

• Customer relations/ support

• Hygiene and safety

• Eyelash Extension Application Procedure

• Eyelash Extension Products

• After Care instructions

• Advanced Eyelash extension application techniques

Benefit to Your Clients

  • Professional service and application of your Lashes by a Primelash® Stylist trained in the art of eyelash extension application

  • Follow up advice on how to care for your eye lash extensions

  • Accessory products available for purchase to help you care for your lashes ensuring your eyelash extension longevity

  • Achieve the natural glamorous look you desire

  • Less make up required over all

  • No mascara needed

  • You can swim and shower as normal

Professional Training
As part of the Primelash® Policy we want all our trained technicians to have all the information and tools necessary to operate a successful and professional eyelash & eyebrow extension practice.


Benefits to your Salon or Practice

  • Innovative, providing a new and in demand service
  • Repeat clientele for refills
  • Ability to up-sell other services and add-on products
  • High profit margins (Approx $15,000 from Kit based on $150 per set x 100)
  • Stylist directory listing on our website for 1 year.
  • Follow up Technique Perfecting Training workshops to constantly improve your skills
  • Training in Business and Customer relations skills
  • Marketing literature
  • Uniforms with or without the Primelash® Logo